Carpet Spotting Basics

Carpet Cleaning Crossville, TN Carpet Spotting Basics       Spots and spills are easily cleaned if you act on them in a timely manner. Blotting with moderate pressure is a fundamental step of any... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Crossville, TN

The History Of Carpet In America Carpet Care In Crossville, TN Cumberland Carpet Care Through its history in America, carpet has been affected by fashion, economics, and social change. Carpet has... Read More »

Cumberland Carpet Care Crossville, TN Quick Facts On Carpet Production

Quick Facts On Carpet Making With the technological advancement, the carpet manufacturing industry has gone through many changes. When you think about the carpet making process, the first thing that... Read More »

Cumberland Carpet Care Crossville, TN Quick Facts Synthetic Carpet

Cumberland Carpet Care Crossville, TN Quick Facts  Synthetic Fiber Carpets Synthetic fibers are artificial fibers made by man that come from chemical sources. They are uninterrupted filament fibers... Read More »

Exploring Area Rugs

Exploring Many Different Types of Area Rugs The numerous distinctive styles of zone floor coverings compass a wide and wonderful range. From today's current regular determinations that are made with... Read More »

Pet Urine Smell

PET URINE Urine odor solutions in Crossville, TN Cumberland Carpet Care THE SMELL Bacteria goes to work almost immediately eating at the urine, this bacteria is one source of foul smell. Carpet is a... Read More »

Ugly Black Lines

Cumberland Carpet & Floor Care Crossville, TN Filtration Micro Particle Deposit Removal What Are Those Black Lines Around My Base Boards? If you have these, you know what they look like. If you... Read More »

Carpet Restreching

                                                                                                    ... Read More »

ceramic tile & grout cleaning

  Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning in Crossville, TN Porcelain or Non-Porcelain What Is Tile & Grout Made Up Of? So let’s take a look at different types of tile and grout.  Tile Ceramic... Read More »

Carpet Stain Removal Tips in Crossville TN

Carpet And Rug Stain Clean Up Tips Your buddies had been to your home and everybody is drinking and also glad till a glass of alcohol was indeed spilled over your carpets and rugs. You were shocked... Read More »