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We have all seen the ripple in the middle of the room and buckle in a door way.

But we all haven’t had to deal with them. One time I went to a gentleman’s resident to consult with him on a problem dealing with some ripples he had. Upon my arrival he met me at the door I introduced myself, he proceeded to tell me more about the concerns he had. He lead me to his living room were

I noticed a bunch of indents. Like a chair leg indent there was a lot of them. Those ripples I couldn’t stand them no more, I tried to nail them down but I think it’s worse now. Yes I think so I said as I kneeled down looking at a sea of nail heads. No worries I can fix your problem and I secured the job.

So why it is some carpets form ripples a some don’t. People have told me we had carpet forever and never had this problem. Well there are a number of things that contribute to the problem. It may have been the installer maybe the humidity, it could be the home owner pulled the carpet back for a cable or a manufacturer’s defect. It’s hard to tell most of the time. Specializing in floor care we have restreched many carpets. With the proper equipment and knowledge these situations can be fixed in no time.

A basic resterch would consist of removing some furniture from the room. Releasing the carpet from the tack strip, then proceed to use a power stretcher working your way around the room. Trim off extra carpet and that’s it. In a commercial situation were the carpet is glued down it can be pulled back re-glued rolled with the proper weight roller and trimmed.

There is usually an easy solution for unsightly ripples and in some cases a trip hazard.

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