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Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning in Crossville, TN

Porcelain or Non-Porcelain

What Is Tile & Grout Made Up Of?

So let’s take a look at different types of tile and grout. 


Ceramic tile can be caterized as either porcelain or non-porcelain.

 Porcelain tile is a clay material with minerals mixed with 50% feldspar a type of mineral.

This mineral melts into a glass like finish bonding the ingredients under high tempter.

Non-Porcelain is made of brown, white and red clays and some minerals as well.

In both cases the clay mixture is dry pressed, mixed to be extruded or slurry is poured into molds then baked under high tempters

With just a little change in the mixtures different end results can be achieved.

Both tiles can be either glazed or un- glazed. Different manufactures have their own designs and coatings making for a large array of choices.



There are basically three kinds of grout sanded, un- sanded and epoxy.

Sanded grout is the most common you will see. This is used on floors were the grout line is 1/8 inch or bigger. This is a cement base mortar with added sand making for a strong grout bonding.

Un-sanded grout is basically the same as the sanded minus the sand. This makes for a weaker bond making it more suitable for a smaller grout line and easier to work with on walls and back splashes.

Sanded and un-sanded grout can be fortified with polymers to make them stronger and more stain resident. A sealer should always be used after grout is installed or cleaned by a professional tile & grout cleaner.

Epoxy forms a superior barrier resistant to water and oil base liquids. Consisting of epoxy resin a hardener and sand. This grout has no cement and the mix sets fast making it more difficult to work with.

On the plus the epoxy is bacteria resident and no need for sealers.

Tile comes in many different colors, shapes and sizes while the common components are always the same.

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