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Bacteria goes to work almost immediately eating at the urine, this bacteria is one source of foul smell. Carpet is a dark warm atmosphere pets can feed every day.

As the bacteria feeds on the urine it breaks it down, this creates an amino smell.

Other complex organic compounds can penetrate deep into the pad, subfloor, baseboard and even the dry wall. Urine also leaves a salt deposit when dry; the deposit must be thoroughly removed.  Humidity will set the bacteria back to work in no time. Urine also begins to oxidize the carpet, leaving unsightly spots that can become permanent.

The Detection

Physical spots are the sure way to see if you have urine.

If you can smell urine but there is no physical spots we can help.

Cumberland Carpet Care is equipped with detection equipment. Black light illuminates urine spots the eye may not see. Moister probes can detect urine deep in the carpet, pad and subfloors. Physically pulling the carpet back can expose the extent of the damage.  

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