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Filtration Micro Particle Deposit Removal

What Are Those Black Lines Around My Base Boards?

If you have these, you know what they look like.

If you do not there, black greasy locking lines usually two or more inches out from the wall. They will appear over time and gradually get darker and migrate further from the baseboard. They can appear under doorways and be more noticeable on light color carpeting.

In the carpet cleaning industry, we refer to this as filtration soiling.

As air flows through the room and across your carpet, micro particulate is deposited on the fibers, leaving you with ugly black lines.

You will not notice these until the buildup occurs.

In most cases, a professional carpet cleaner can remove them, but they can be very difficult to remove. The fine particles can make their way deep into the carpet, even to the backing.   With specialty tools and cleaners, success is more obtainable.

1 Dry Vacuum

2 Spray a specialty cleaner to affected area

3 Agitate with a carpet brush

4 Rinse with clear filtered hot water using a crevice tool,

To help prevent this from occurring vacuum with an edging tool on your vacuum or shop style vacuum monthly at the least. Wipe the edges along the wall as well.

With these easy steps, you can prevent the soil from building up and causing ugly black lines.

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